Smart Contract BWAX (BSC): 0x5BD06D9039DD00B0baF2bFed3f460689645e3D75
Buyback mode: standardowy

BWAX Panel


World’s first Wax Bank
Apis Mellifera


The world’s first stablecoin
based on physical beeswax


1 Bwax token
is 1kg of beeswax

BWAX is the first Polish commodity token and the first beeswax-based token in the world.

BWAX is designed to protect capital from inflation, giving you the chance to earn an additional return over and above inflation.

BWAX will not lose value – beeswax has been rising in price for half a century.

BWAX will not increase x3 or x10 in a year.

BWAX has no total supply – it is minted according to the stock it holds

BWAX can be returned to BeeIO at any time and unconditionally (return procedure).

BWAX has had great liquidity since day one.

BWAX represents beeswax, which is a “deflationary” material (whitepaper).

BWAX is a good alternative, for difficult times in the markets.

Kanga POS for BWAX is released


1 KG beeswax